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《人民智慧》诗歌美韵 ☆ 精品专辑《记忆岁月里的诗行》(3)  

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【诗歌美韵 ☆ 精品专辑】《人民智慧》 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)


 【欧阳欣悦诗歌 ☆ 精品专辑】《人民智慧》:


欧阳欣悦原创唯美诗韵 ☆ 精品专辑(1)《人民智慧》 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)

2014年10月05日 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)    【诗歌美韵 ☆ 精品专辑】《人民智慧》 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)

  作者:欧阳欣悦           责编:李佼娉

欧阳欣悦原创唯美诗韵 ☆ 精品专辑(1)《人民智慧》 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)


欧阳欣悦原创唯美诗韵 ☆ 精品专辑(3)

诗歌类冠军/欧阳欣悦 春天的呼唤(散文诗)原创(第四期同题擂台赛) - 散文擂台大赛 - 中国网络散文家协会优秀散文作家擂台大赛

《人民智慧》【诗歌美韵 ☆ 精品专辑】 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)

《人民智慧》诗歌美韵 ☆ 精品专辑《记忆岁月里的诗行》(3) - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)
《人民智慧》【诗歌美韵 ☆ 精品专辑】 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)


"memory years."


Author: Ouyang Xinyue


Ouyang Xin Yue in English version of a bilingual poetry Album:



   The second series: "through the years" poem collection



    Time is like a long river, time is a flowing movement;


    My love, my love, my whole life, almost all dedicated to the text: a quality suggestive of poetry or painting.



    The years, it is a song can praise space, it is also looking for years the appreciation scenery. My feelings in the world, almost all is it crazy occupation. I am willing to do text. I want to spend the rest of my life and pen, each fragment expresses years the music movement!



Second - "spirit" poetic essay



You came from the ancient mountains


回眸 千年沧桑 一笑红尘千年

Looking back thousands of years of vicissitudes smile thousands of years

今生  偶然的 与你相遇

This chance to meet with you

相遇在 细雨蒙蒙的 五月

Meet in the misty rain in May 

伸手 牵住梅雨季节的 柔雨

Reaching for the rainy season the gentle rain 

弹指间 我看见 红云滚滚远去

Between a snap of the fingers I saw red billowing away

夜的长须 漫过了 初夏的遍野

The long night over the summer everywhere

 期盼着 一天的 彩蝶  

I look forward to a day of butterflies in

万山红遍的 云霞里 飞舞

Flying clouds in Wanshan popular


你是 山野里 飞出来的 金丝鸟

You are flying out of the wild Canary 

            我看见了 一如既往的 云霞

I saw Yun Xia as in the past.

正在随着晚风 轻盈的飘呀飘

Is with the breeze light floating ah float

转眼间的 仙境 美了一天的云霞

In the blink of an eye a beautiful day clouds 

风儿 变成彩绸 划向天空

The wind into the colored silk to row to the sky

飘向 四季的平川 慢舞欢笑

Gone with the wind to the four seasons Pingchuan slow dance of laughter

与你相约 相约千年不变的承诺

Meet with you meet the Millennium unchanged commitment 

感受天地 为四季的花期感动逾越

The feeling of heaven and earth is the flowering seasons moved beyond

多变的季节 沙漠里的 驼铃

Seasonal desert changeable in the camel

带着你 从古远的 山脉中 走来

With you came from the ancient mountains

黄沙飞天 前路茫茫 而又 那么的遥远

Yellow sand flying ahead and so far away 

盘古的古道峡谷里 山风 轻易的 萦绕

Pangu road Canyon mountain easily linger

           思绪千年 火凤凰的 金色的 翅膀

Thoughts of the Millennium Fire Phoenix golden wings

 舞动着 绚丽多彩的 美丽人生
Waving blew beautiful life

花草 成了你 柔美的 情感世界

Flowers into your beautiful emotion world 

那山 那水 那片海 都在时刻把你伴随

In the mountains of water to the sea to you with at the moment




Miss under the moon

凝望窗外 星夜暗了

Staring out the window at the starry night dark

朦胧的 月光下

The dim moonlight

小船在 河面上 轻轻地前行

Boat gently on the surface of the river.

看着远去的 船只

Watched the ship

思乡的情劫 忽然地 泛起涟漪

Homesickness situation suddenly ripples

月光下的思念 心随船只远行

The moonlight yearning heart with ships travel


眼下 已经是 盛夏的季节

Now is the summer season

翠绿色的 竹叶 在晚风中摇摆

Emerald green leaves swaying in the breeze

荷塘里花儿 娇艳的开放

Flowers blooming open pond

你把 思念 飞絮 洒满了

Your thoughts fly with

 炎热的 盛夏的 夜晚

This hot summer night

故乡的浓茶 味道 在你口中品尝

Taste of home of tea taste in your mouth


 品味着 人生中的 酸甜苦辣

You taste the life in the sour, sweet, bitter, hot

 思念着 日思夜想的故乡小道

You miss their hometown trail signs

 思念着 过去的 春冬 秋夏

You miss the past Chun Dong summer autumn

月光呀 你是否知道 一个人

The moonlight. Do you know a person

在异乡 流浪时的 孤独 的滋味?

In a Foreign Land Rovers when the taste of loneliness?


白天 和城里人一样 做着一个打工者

During the day, and the city people do a job

为了 生存 拼死拼活地战斗在

In order to survive desperately fighting in

所谓的 好工作 岗位

The so-called good jobs

夜晚 就这样守着 夜色 无言地

The night so keep the night without a word

望着星辰 苦苦地把 故乡思念

Looking at the stars with the home miss


爱是一把火 爱是一把剑

Love is the flame of love is a sword

爱念 故乡的 心儿 永远不改变

Love hometown heart will never change

想着 故乡的归途 心儿如 归心的箭

Thinking about home home heart such as heart arrow

你有一个家 他有一个窝

You have a house he had a nest

而我 却还是 一个人 孤零零的漂泊的孤舟

But I still alone boat adrift

一个人的夜晚 只思念 八十多岁的老父亲

One night only to miss more than 80 year old father


月光下 我看不清楚 那些远去的人

The moonlight I can't see clearly those away from the people

是不是 正在 踏向回乡的路程?

Is it right? Is stepping to the journey?

月光下 我的思念 也随着

My thoughts are also with the moonlight

他们 远去的 背影 渐行渐远

They go back away

如果 有一天 我忘记了思念

If one day I forgot you

我想 我不会 忘记故乡的模样

I think I will not forget hometown appearance

我不会 忘记父亲他 老人家

I will never forget the father

送我 出来打工时  转身一个人回家时

Take me out to work when he turned a person home

我看见他的 越来越驼背的身影

I saw his increasingly stooped figure 

过去 您从不用 语言来表达
In the past you from do not have words to express


Concern and care for me

如今 您却像 妈妈在世时那样

Now you are like the mother earth as

那么唠叨 那么牵肠挂肚的 挂念着我

Nagging so be very worried about missing me

爸爸 您请多保重 您是我的思念

Please take care of your father you are my thoughts

好几天 不打电话给您

Several days not to call you

就是这么的想念您 念着您

Just miss you want you

爸爸 您一定要健健康康的活着

You must be Kang Kang.

想您在梦里 泪雨早成行

Want you to tears in the dream early go

月光下的思念呀 我心 早飞向故乡

Miss under the moon. My heart fly home early


(六) six  



今夜 把我的 梦香

Tonight my dream

久久地收藏 于是

So long.

我当它 是我 记忆中

Me when it is my memory

永远 永远的梦香

Forever dream

模糊的 记忆里 我看见了

Vague memories I saw

遥远的故乡 遥远的山岗

The remote homeland distant hills

还有 四季风云变幻的模样

There are four amidst the winds of change.

以及 家乡日益变迁的形状

And home increasingly change shape

也许 这个梦 很长

Maybe this dream is long

也许 这个梦 很香

Maybe this dream is sweet

可是我  始终 始终地

But I still always

回味在 回味在 梦的香吻之中

Aftertaste aftertaste in the dream in the kiss.


The spring of my hometown spring is in the air.

故乡的夏天 绿荫成行

My hometown in summer shade

故乡的秋天 丰收景象

Hometown of autumn harvest scene

故乡的冬天 白雪茫茫

Hometown of winter snow


永远的梦 永远的梦乡

Dream always dreams

 不想在 记忆中 醒忘

I don't want to wake you in the memory

故乡的相思树下 我打上了

Home of the acacia tree I made

一个 久久思念的 相思结扣

A long miss Acacia buckle


花飞花落 梦甜梦香

Flower flowers fly dream sweet dream

 不会忘记 你对我的思念

I won't forget you miss me

你用你 四季的双手

You use your hands of the four seasons

在遥远的地方 把我来呼唤

In the distant place I call

花说它 飞了 只为了美好的季节

Take it to fly to a better season

我说我 走了 只为了一生的追求

I said I go only to the pursuit of life

哪怕  还有一点点的含义

If love is a little bit meaning

我还会 留恋你 眷念你多情的四季

The four seasons I will miss you miss you love



《人民智慧》【诗歌美韵 ☆ 精品专辑】 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)


【诗歌美韵 ☆ 精品专辑】《人民智慧》 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)

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