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諸葛風《人民智慧》 ☆ 诗歌专辑《责编:李佼娉 》《记忆岁月里的诗行》(5)  

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【诗歌美韵 ☆ 精品专辑】《人民智慧》 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)


 【欧阳欣悦 ☆ 诗歌专辑】《人民智慧》


欧阳欣悦原创唯美诗韵 ☆ 精品专辑(1)《人民智慧》 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)

2014年10月05日 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)    【诗歌美韵 ☆ 精品专辑】《人民智慧》 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)

 作者:欧阳欣悦           责编:李佼娉

欧阳欣悦原创唯美诗韵 ☆ 精品专辑(1)《人民智慧》 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)


欧阳欣悦 ☆ 诗歌专辑(5)

《人民智慧》【诗歌美韵 ☆ 精品专辑】 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)

諸葛風《人民智慧》 ☆ 诗歌专辑《责编:李佼娉 》《记忆岁月里的诗行》(5) - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)

《人民智慧》【诗歌美韵 ☆ 精品专辑】 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)


"memory years."


Author: Ouyang Xinyue


Ouyang Xin Yue in English version of a bilingual poetry Album:



The second series: "through the years" poem collection



    Time is like a long river, time is a flowing movement;


    My love, my love, my whole life, almost all dedicated to the text: a quality suggestive of poetry or painting.



    The years, it is a song can praise space, it is also looking for years the appreciation scenery. My feelings in the world, almost all is it crazy occupation. I am willing to do text. I want to spend the rest of my life and pen, each fragment expresses years the music movement!



Second - "spirit" poetic essay



Out the window of the rain

                                       淅沥的雨 挂满窗外

Rain hung window


The rainy season


The plum blossom is still red?


Through the window of Yu Lianzi

我在计算着梅花 花开的时刻

I calculated the plum blossom time


When is it bloom every night?


 有珠子 有线

The rain beads cable

 有动静 也有沉默

The rain is silent.

珠雨 妙语不断升华

Pearl rain witticism continuous distillation

线雨 承上启下连接

The rain nexus connecting line



Today, the falling rain


But unwilling and unable to part from

离开 我眼前的窗棱

Leave my sight window edge

推开窗户 腻味对话

Open the window or dialog


The lofty mountains in the process?

给大山来点雨吧 它需要

To the mountains to rain. It needs


A strong will to support its towering



Sharp rivers is calling?

给江河来点雨吧 他们想把

To the river to rain. They want to


Your emotions and feelings and to the sea


窗外的雨滴 没有回答

Out the window of the rain did not answer

窗外的雨滴 还在继续下

Out the window of the rain continues to fall

清晰的身影 清洗尘埃

Figure cleaning dust clear

无言的回答 敲打窗板

Wordless answer on the window pane


执著的意志 物欲的思想

Persistence will materialistic thought

把爱还给大地 把爱留给江河

The love to the earth the love to the rivers

把你的温柔喜雨 浇灌给

Your gentle rain water to

渴望 幸福的 希望的田野

Desire happiness in the field of hope


( 十一) 


You are finally falling of the leaves in autumn

秋风呀 你快点儿飞过来

The wind ah you hurry come

枫叶儿 她在深秋的夜梦里

The maple leaves her in late autumn night dream

把你痴痴地 等待 等待

Put your journeying to wait

秋风呀 你到底 飞到了哪里去了

The wind ah you really fly to where go to

你知不知道 你知不知道

Don't you know you know


In the autumn of the last leaves.

她在红色的树杈上 等待你的到来

She is waiting for you in the red branch

而倍感着 情感的煎熬

And feel the feeling of suffering


秋风呀 秋风呀 你知道不知道

Autumn, autumn, you know


In order to wait for your giving emotional pay

她痴痴地 把你当成她的心中宝

She was to you as her heart treasure

她宁愿感受寒霜的抽打 痛苦的被枝杈纠缠

She would feel a pain to be frost branch entanglement

也许 你不懂得 你不懂得

Maybe you don't know what you don't know

这片最后的落叶 为你情有独钟

This last piece of leaves as you show special preference to

也许 你看不见 你看不见

Maybe you can't see what you are you do not see

它痴爱你的情愫 丝毫没有退缩

It but you do no retreat


秋风呀 你看见过大雁南飞的过程吗

The autumn wind, have you seen during the wild goose south flies.

那可是 它对你一片痴情的爱的见证

That's it for you a spoony Loves Witness

那可是 它对你痴情不改的真情表白

But it does not change the you love confession

或许 你没有把它当成你心中宝贝

You may not take it as a baby in your heart

但是 岁月的河流却记载着 记载着

But the years of the river has recorded a record


It's the Millennium admiration and million years of love

看看秋天里 最后飘落下来的枫叶

Have a look at the falling maple leaf in autumn

我的心儿 被你们深情地感动

My heart was deeply moved by you

假如 风不挽留它的生命的存在

If the wind does not retain its existence


Next year the autumn leaves of Fragrant Hill


Also the red charming?


It features will be so charming? 


守候 千年不变的爱念

Waiting for the Millennium unchanged love

痴情的脚步 永远在秋天里不住徘徊

Love will not linger in autumn

仰望 枫叶风情万种的容颜

Look at the maple leaf charming face

一股浓烈的 爱情火焰

A strong flame of love

飘飘洒洒地 在空旷的原野上蔓延

Fluttering Sasa spread in open field

在高高的长空下面 穿越世纪的情海

In the high sky across the century love




Midnight, I caught in the net of the moon

                冷漠的夜色里 我只想着

                                 Cold night I just thought

字与诗的文字 转换和结合

Character and poetic text conversion and integration

它们可以顺理成章的 运转在

They can be logical operation in

我的快节奏的 键盘之上

On the fast rhythm of my keyboard



于是 我慢慢地推敲 慢慢揣摩

So I slowly slowly over.

慢慢想它们 是否 能为我荡漾起

Slowly I wonder whether they are ripples

一连串海的文字波澜 以及诗一样的画意

A series of the text of the sea waves and the poem like painting

爱念诗词 不需要太多的理由

Love poems do not need too many reasons

因为我 很痴迷缠缠绵绵的诗行

Because I'm crazy tangled up.

因为我 想从中忘记曾经和过往

Because I want to forget the past


          聆听一下 柔情似水的 音乐

Listen to the gentle music

我好想看见 秋风下 窗外月光

I want to see the wind out of the window the moonlight

于是 我立足在窗前的窗台之上

So I stand on the window sill

子夜 幽境懵然 子夜 四处黑暗

Midnight quiet place sudden midnight dark

我真有一点 有一点 大失所望

I really have a little greatly disappoint one's hopes

因为此时 只看乌黑的天空

Because the only look at the dark sky


走出楼台的 亭阁身旁

Out of the pavilions pavilions.

我不经意地 就捞着了

I inadvertently caught.

今夜子夜里 漏网的月亮

Rogue moon tonight at midnight.

月光 还是这样明亮

The moon is so bright

月亮 还是这样的金银般闪烁

The moon was shining like gold

捧着 手里的月亮 我顿感心底透亮

Holding the hands of the moon I feel heart clear



                  银色的月亮 你是在等我吗

The silver moon you are waiting for me

传说里 人们都把你比喻成嫦娥的化身

The legend of people take you into the embodiment of metaphor

你也有孤寂 你也有灰暗的时光

You are lonely you are dark times

那个时辰里面 我不知道你去了何方

At that time I didn't know you where

今夜的子夜里 你怎么就成了 漏网的月亮?

Tonight midnight you how to become a rogue moon?

月亮呀月亮 请求你快快的告诉我

The moon the moon ask you to tell me

你是不是 去了天涯海角

You is it right? Go to the remotest corners of the globe


You is it right? In the thorn Hill


Met the mighty lion


              抚摸一下 你冰冷一样的脸庞

Touch your face like a cold

我却似看到了 你满脸上 遗留下

But I like to see you face on the left


Autumn frost to your indifference and you cry tears


To come back here and warm world


I will accompany you to the future.

 可以给你 一个自信的有理

Love can give you a reasonable level of confidence

诗歌 可以给你一个泄愤情绪的机会

Poetry can give you an opportunity to vent emotions

诗可以 给你一个独上西楼之上天堂里的承诺

Poetry can give you a alone on heaven's commitment


摸一摸 我的轻柔而又温暖的体温

Touch my gentle and warm temperature

我这里 有你 想要的温存

I'm here you want love

假如世界 没有了热情的阳光

If the world is not warm sunshine

我这里有你 想要拥抱的爱的胸膛

I have here you want to embrace the love.


吻一吻 秋露从天空里坠落下的身影

Kiss fall from the sky falling figure

温情的世界里 还是充满着和平与温馨

The warmth of the world is full of peace and warmth


子夜里 我把你心疼的贴在心口

The middle of the night I hold you dearly attached to the heart


No matter later


How many years of reincarnation


No matter later


How many years have air circuit.


I would like a love poem.


Put your arm around my chest has been constant waiting for


Waiting for the end of life forever


《人民智慧》【诗歌美韵 ☆ 精品专辑】 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)


【诗歌美韵 ☆ 精品专辑】《人民智慧》 - 李佼娉 - 李佼娉唯美博文(海港慧星第二博)

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